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With the commencement of Midwifery Matters on January 9th 2012 we have commenced a new and exciting era in Maternity care. Getting Midwifery Matters up and running has been a true labour of love on my part, and we are growing in the services we offer, the care we provide and the number of Midwives that have joined the team.
Although we are not quite where we want to be, in terms of true midwifery independence we have made a bold start. And I am happy to say that we can now offer more choice to women with their antenatal and postnatal care by a dedicated and passionate team of midwives.
The value within this setting is that the women get to know your Midwife and we can begin their valuable education from the very first visit, while we learn about you and your family. A truly rewarding experience!
Midwifery matters now offer antenatal education sessions. Check out the page on this site for more details.

We are now located in Rockingham Maternity and Family Practice
4/2-4 Elanora Dve, Cooloongup, 6168.

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